I placed an order for a Cybersonic toothbrush (the electrical unit) in August, 2001. My credit card account was charged by Cybersonics on 8/20/2001 for $118.48. I waited for one month but the toothbrush never arrived. I called Cybersonics and was told that the product was not shipped due to a computer glitch or inventory problem and that Cybersonics would ship the product out immediately. nI waited for another month but again the product never arrived. So I called again in October/2001, but was told the same story by the Cybersonics representative about computer glitch/inventory problem. They again promised to ship the electric unit right away. nThen I waited another 2 to 3 weeks and called Cybersonics again on 11/7/01 or thereabout and was told that the toothbrush was shipped on 11/5/01. I waited until 11/28/2001, but there was still no toothbrush. nI called Cybersonics around 11/28/2001 to check again and was told again that the product has not been shipped, even though earlier they said they had shipped the product on 11/5/2001! In the meantime, Cybersonics charged me $4.89 on 11/20/2001 for the replacement brush heads. The replacement brush heads were ordered as part of their scam to entice folks like me to order. nThe scam is they’ll ship me the “free”” replacement brush heads every 3 months and charge me only $4.89 for shipping. But now since I didn’t have the toothbrush electric unit

the brushheads are totally useless. In exasperation

I asked for a total refund around 11/28/2001 for all charges and also asked Cybersonics to stop sending me any replacement brush heads. To-date

I have not seen a penny back from Cybersonics for a product that was never shipped to me. nSince Cybersonics was stringing me along for more than two months

my right to contest the charges to my credit card company within sixty days of the billing statement also expired. So my credit card company refused to help and I can’t take Cybersonic to small claims court because of logistics. nCybersonics is running a scam. They billed me for a product that was never shipped and they were stringing me along with false promises. I have called Cybersonics repeatedly