Complaint: Cydcor affiliates use deceptive job ads stating marketing training when job is actually door-to-door sales. The Cydcor affiliates call themselves “direct sales and marketing firms”” but it has been documented by people who worked and interviewed with the affiliates that the primary focus is on door-to-door sales. Meaning when you do final work its door to door. I did that for 2 months before finally I got promoted. In the end the promotion isn’t really a promotion its just a way for them to get you do more responsibilities without having to pay you more. Its your job to find

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Website: face to face marketing you have to up-sell these products in such a mannor that the people have no idea what they are signing up for. We usually ignore do not enter signs or do not solicit signs in hopes we can sign people up for these truly s**t products. In the end these poor people don’t realize that whatever your selling is much more expensive. After the said training and you are “”hired on”” which usually takes a week

Phone: and sucker more people to join an organization to “”help you”” get promoted. Usually the start of the day you have these meetings for 2 hours with all the employees called “”atmosphere”” in which you have to practice the pitch and help people perfect a pitch they’ve probably worked a million times by themselves and outside. its maddening to realize you are doing this for 2 hours and not getting paid a dime for actual work