Complaint: here’s a copy of my latest email Dear Mr. Zappala, please take the time to read the information I’m sending. I assure you, you will find it interesting, what and how CYF destroyed our Life in Allegeheny County. Thank you for your time Sir and God Bless you and the great work that you do…..there is more to this, I’ve enclosed the scenerio of what they did, especially as it pertains to our children. Richard (13) Kelsey (9) and Anthony (2) Hi Jim. (Attorney) I got your message, sorry we were cut off. I received a letter from Dan Robinson who is the Manager, Department of Human Services, Director’s Action Line back in May. He requested to speak with me AFTER I sent him, through the complaint email, what these CYF workers did to me and my family. I will explain what he said to me about what would it take to “rectify this wrong”” when we meet. I have not yet had the power of attorney notarized yet but my daughters have copy’s. So Jim

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Address: here’s a sampling of what Witkowski

Website: especially the letter requesting I attend a Family Care Plan Meeting on 15 June 2010. This just happened to be the last day of school for my kids. I never went and then I found out from my wife Jennifer that I had TWO more warrants issued for me

Phone: McKnight and their Supervisor Rebecca Thompson did to us. Keep in mind