This disgusting excuse for a woman and mother was one of my close friends. She’s a single mother of 5 and has had on/off dysfunctional relationships for years. Her men would beat on her and I always felt so bad for her. She went after my soon to be ex-husband one weekend when I was out of town. She had the nerve to ask where I was and when I was coming home then asked him if she could come over after they had been drinking and they got right down to business in MY HOUSE. He’s not the first married man she’s been with and I used to defend her when everyone would call her a whore and slut. || Her kid’s dad was also my husband’s best friend. She called her baby daddy that night and told him since he slept with her friend she was going to do it to him. Little did anyone know, she meant with my husband. They’re pathetic, insecure, selfish assholes. And all I have to say is f**k them both. I’m better off without them.