My husband and I have been together since age 15. We have been married two years. We have 1 beautiful 1 1/2 year old daughter. One day shortly after we got our own place my husband came home late from work on a Friday. He was high. He came to tell me that he could no longer be with me. I asked why, I cried and begged. At the time I didn’t know about the Slut. We separated I moved back home and I don’t know where he went. || On Easter he was supposed to pick up our daughter instead he was with her and her 4 kids. She is a stripper that works at “Babes”. He left me to be with a stripper who has kids that are not his. On April 16 (our 2 year anniversary) he said he was ready to settle down and work things out. So I left the guy I started talking to and went back. It only lasted a week and he said he didn’t want to be together yet again. || This girl he is with parties’ every day, does all kinds of drugs and sleeps with any man that gives her money. My sister in law who is 14 told me that when she was with her brother and they went to pick this girl up from stripping, that she offered her cigarettes, pills, coke, weed. All of which she said no to. But my husband said nothing because she offered them to her. She is his only sister. He always protects her from EVERYTHING. This girl has come between my daughter and her father on numerous occasions. She is a homewrecking whore and she is proud of it.