I found out Memorial Day weekend 2012 that my husband of 5 years had taken another woman and her child to meet his father which he had not had contact with since he was about 17 years old, I had been trying for a year to get him and his dad back together and instead of taking me and our son he told me he wanted to do this by himself! I found out later that evening that he took this homewrecker and her child to meet him and that apparently they had been having an affair since about March of 2012. || When my husband came home from his weekend away I had thrown all his clothes out of the house, but he begged me to let him stay and talk about this, well I did because we have a 4 year old little boy together. A few days later I found text messages on his phone between him and her from the night before telling each other they loved each other and they would be a family soon. I contacted this Homewrecker and asked her to please leave my husband alone, that we had a small son together that needed his daddy, she did not respond of course! Instead she contacted my husband and told him. She knew he was married the entire time and before this started! From what I have heard she has done this to a lot of others and she even cheated on her husband and then turned around and cheated on the guy she cheated on her husband with and ended up pregnant! She uses men for what she can get out of them and then dumps them or cheats on them when she can’t get anything else out of them. || I moved out, and my husband begged me to come back and try to fix our marriage, well for the next two months I tried but apparently he did not because he continued to see her and each time I caught him he gave some lame excuse like he was returning her camera or he had to tell her it was over between them face to face. Well I finally woke up and got my own place for me and my son. He continued to try to take me to dinner and tell me how much he loved and missed me, but his actions told differently. He told me in August of 2012 that she was CRAZY really CRAZY, I just had to laugh made me feel so good that he was getting what he deserved for what he did! I waited until November 2012 to file for divorce because I thought he would wake up and realize what he was doing to his self, his son, his family. Our Divorce was final March 28, 2013 and I hope him and his Homewrecker Sharese Gragg have a lovely life together because I believe these two deserve each other more than any two people in the world!!