Complaint: Cyril Spiro- the Cory Lake Liar. Do not trust Cyril Spiro- his neighbors sure don’t…. Cyril Spiro, Master of the Half Truth. Here is some full truth about Cyril Spiro: Cyril Spiro was never elected to Cory Lake Isles CDD Board- he was appointed when someone quit and nobody else applied. Sold his neighbors out to big developer. Voted for developer to pay less in fee than his neighbors. Ever hear of the Cory Lake B bonds? Look that one up…. Cyril Spiro repeatedly voted to keep the same community mgmt company and attorneys that did nothing when the developer ripped off the neighborhood. He claimed they were the cheapest! Obviously- you get what you pay for! Do not believe his lies about surveys! He told hundreds of his neighbors he would wait for a community survey before voting on Kolter land deal. At special meeting two weeks later and with only a fraction of residents in attendance, Cyril Spiro lied and voted in favor of Kolter land deal. Same way he lied about sidewalk survey. Even after resident overwhelmingly voted against new sidewalk- he voted for it- at his neighbors’ expense. When Cory Lake Isles pool was $500,000 over budget, who paid?? His neighbors- not the developer. Rather than have Developer pay for a fence around their new development, guess who Cyril Spiro voted to have pay?? His neighbors. Bragged about saving community money by cancelling after hours police patrols! His neighbors have been fighting this ever since. If Cyril Spiro will do this to his own neighborhood, what makes you think he won’t do it to yours?? If you want someone who will make your neighborhoods less safe and sell out to big business, Cyril Spiro is the most untrustworthy candidate available. Cyril Spiro- The Cory Lake Liar. Do not trust this man. Master of the half truth and a Liar of Epic Proportions…. Cyril Spiro, tampa District seven 7, tampa city council 2016

Tags: Politicians

Address: 10712 Cory Lake Dr Tampa, Florida USA


Phone: (813) 986-3330