No Contractors Lic Bad Work. Beware!


My Complaint: BEWARE! Paid for a retaining wall restructure and patio that took over a year and half to get completed after D&A was paid! Over a year of harassing through text ( because they never answer the phone) I had to finally get mutual people we know involved to pressure D&A as well as threaten court to get work finished. Excuses ranged from them said they were having $$ difficulties, no crew, items on back order, etc… BUT would routinely post FB pics of being out at Wizard games, hosting lavish events at there million $$ hm and in one instance even text they couldn’t come to do scheduled work because they were shooting a reality show at their home…WHAT! We had to pull our own permits 2 years later because a county inspector saw the work they did and apparently no permits were pulled. PG County submitted a court summons for the work. We couldn’t even get a timely response to get the construction and electrical permits filled out for the work they did. After multiple text again no calls answered they said we could put the applications in their mailbox (1/13/2015)which we NEEDED back in a few days. They text back that they needed an additional day which would be 1/16/2015 but got no response to our calls or texts, our court date 01/21/2015, it took a full week of harassing texts, phone calls. We got the paperwork out the mailbox and have noted that D&A are not even license to do the work. we are now being asked to get a PG county inspection of the work!. Lack of professionalism doesn’t even cut it! Yes the work they do LOOKS beautiful , the pieces are gorgeous but the WAY they do business and seemingly up and down financial difficulties or just don’t plain care attitudes is NOT WORTH how they treat people and how they go about being in business.hate to say it but it was almost a relief seeing the post from the other person because we thought this was only happening to us since these guys seemingly have high profile clients but it looks like they pick and choose who they want to mess over! As I said the work looks beautiful but the headache and possible legal ramifications dealing with them are just not worth it! 3years of dealing w/D&A on a project that was suppose 6months.
(1st Payment to start work Nov.2012/D&A Finished April 2014/PG Legal For D&A Construction/Electrical Work Permits Jan.2015)


My Demand: None -Just Warning Others