Jesse charged me a 1000 dollars to buy material to fix my roof and other house remodeling materials. He said he had a big job he would go buy all the material and come to my house, I waited all day , took a day off from work,,waited ..waited he said he’d be st the house arounf 11:40-12. Hours passed he wouldn’t return my calls or texts, it’s now 7:40 at night I feel so hopeless, scared , used . I am a single mother of two infant toddlers. I can’t believe he could do this.. he saw the condition my roof was in, and he did this to me and my dons on top of seeing me already crying needing to fix my roof for my sons, giving him all I had so my dons could have a safe place to live.


Name: D & J Services

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Rowlett

Address: 6810 Falcon Street

Phone: 214-564-9390