Tis company has been a pain from the beginning, i purchased a sectional from their website in november, i have a very particular layout for my living room so i ordered a custom sectional, because it was custom it took me 3 months to get it, that was fine with me because i understood it was custom made, but when it finally arrived it was NOT custom, i had thrown out my old sofa the day before to make space for this one, it didnt fit my livingroom and we couldnt even walk through it, and on top of that the sectional was badly demaged, the leather was ripped and scrapped in many different places, the matal part to attach the pieces together was bent and the wooden part of it had water demage. I contacted them right away, they asked me for pictures wich i also sent right away. They came back and told me that it could take weeks for my claim to even be aprooved by the manufacture and i would have to wait 3 more months for them to custom make my other sectional. I was so frustrated! They asked me if really there was no way for me to keep this sectional, after a lot of moving furniture and changing the layout of my house we came to the cnclusion that we could keep this sectional if we got a smaller media center but i didnt want to spend more money to fix this problem and i didnt want to keep a sectional that i paid a lot of money for all demaged. They offered to give me part of the money back so that i could buy a different media center and to send a tech to fix the demages. I didnt want this but because it was a quicker solution we agreed. They sent us the money they had promissed and i went out that same day to purchase another media center, i then contacted them and they said that i should get a call from the tech to schedule to come fix the sectional. Well its been months and nobody has cotacted me yet. I keep calling and emailing them and they keep apologizing hut in all honesty i feel like they are waiting for me to give up! I feel robbed and betrayted. What kind of company does this to their customers? DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! All of this agreements and comversation has been through emails so i have proof of all their broken promisses. I am now going to file a lawsuit agaisnt them because appetantly this is the only way i can get what i am owned! I am so upset with this hole situatuion! It has been very stssfull

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