Complaint: I received a letter from the AKC today that the puppy I bought from Dachsue Kennels has bad DNA. That the sire listed on my pups AKC papers is NOT the true sire of my puppy and that I need to send a DNA test to AKC for them see if they can tell me who my pups sire is. When I bought this pup I too had read all of the good things they wrote about their kennel on their website and when we drove 7 hours to their home/ranch and saw their place we were impressed at first until we saw how many dogs they had in pens. They had to have over 50 dogs. How do you exercise 50 dogs everyday? And it’s strange because the owner left for vacation the day before we got there and his son had to show us the puppies. They have the maternity ward in their dark basement. We were going to leave but I made the mistake of laying eyes on my pup. Love at first sight. I ended up having to take her to the vet the very next day because she would out of the blue just yelp like something had hurt her. She had parasites that were eating away her stomach lining. I’m thrilled that we rescued this puppy from these money hungry people. They care more about the money than the health and well being of those dogs and pups. They make everything look good just to get your money. I’m so happy I received this AKC letter because now I know Fred and Susan Rentfroware being investigated. I dont care what my pups papers say. My husband and I are her parents.

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