I went to their site which is the arkanixroot.com and ordered a pair of counter climate shoes. their site is saying that they are powered by converse so I went on and ordered the product that I have chosen. it was also indicated that the product will arrive in 5-8 days and free shipping. it was December 12 2017 when I placed the order, I noticed that they charged me a shipping fee but I ignored it. after the purchase and after 3 days, they never send me an update about my order not sent me a message confirming the order. and I was already charged on my credit card. a week later, I sent them a message asking for an update but I never got any response. ive emailed them for a lot more after that but no response at all. more than three weeks later, the package arrived but when I opened it, what was inside was a pair of fake cheap converse shoes and not even the colorway that I choose.