As an employee of Dairy Queen for almost 2 years (sadly), I’ve witnessed a great many sights that will ensure I never spend money at this certain Dairy Queen ever again (and possibly every other DQ will be boycotted). within a few months of starting, I was told that I needed to supply my own vinyl gloves in the kitchen, at a cost of roughly $16 a week. over the course of one calander year, I spent over $850 on gloves. So I try to get a form signed so I can get reimbursed with my Taxes (as a work expense), and the owners claim they won’t sign it because they are afraid of an audit. just a bit shady? I’ve also been denied pay raises because the store doesn’t make enough money to properly pay its hard-working employees, just enough to send the owner’s on several world vacations every year (I’ve seen what we make in sales on a daily basis, it’s not chump change). We are forced to work with utensils and containers that are broken, and stained wit

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