Scam through babysitting


My Complaint: I recently started a profile on to become a nanny/ babysitter. I received an email from a lady stating that she was a single mom of two boys and that she attended Texas School for Deaf and that she is self employed. She claimed she was moving to my city and would like me as her babysitter. Apparently one of her sons was placed in a wheelchair from a recent accident and she contacted a seller for a wheelchair. She listed my duties that she expected from me as a babysitter and suggested that she send me a check for my first week of babysitting and the wheelchair money to ensure that I am secure for her kids and to send the rest to the wheelchair seller. She even sent me a photo of her so called happy little family. I received the check overnight through fed ex and took it to my bank where i was told to deposit it into my account and keep my first weeks worth of babysitting and withdrawal the rest to deposit into a bank account of another bank. The funds became available in my account but before they could be released the banker had to verify the check. The check was fraudulent and my account became under review. I’m very glad the bank caught the check before hand before the situation could’ve gotten worse. All I can say is never accept a check through fed ex because 99.9% of the time it’s fraud and never trust the people you meet on the Internet even if its a so called trustworthy job such as babysitting.


My Demand: Just to inform the world how real scams are especially when least expected it