I had a contract with Daisy Express. George the owner picked up my car and before he delivered it he added $400 to the price for no good reason. When he was late and he didn’t like the way I questioned him about it he raised the price. When he did deliver it he would not give me a proper receipt. He demanded cash only. He threatened to drive off if I did not give him cash. He would not take the car off the truck until he received the cash. The DOT frowns on all of this but they are powerless to stop these truck driver from pulling this crap. Unless you video tape them in the act you have no leg to stand on. NEVER TRUST THIS COMPANY. They are unprofessional, they arrive late, they change the price and they give you nothing but attitude after the vehicle is on their truck. If I knew then what I know now I would have thrown a rock at the Mercedes on his truck as he was pulling away. Let him explain that to the other customer. This guy should be monitored by the government agency that gave him a license to steal. This is B.S. what this guy did to me. I bet if this was my daughter receiving the car he would ask for sex or hold her car hostage! That is how bad this guy acts.

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