Complaint: Warning: Do Not Work for these people. They will steal your money, lie to your face, not pay you, if they do pay you it will be as they say 45 days before thee funds are available. They steal perssonal property, then blame it on the new workers. No matter what you do, the work is never good enough, and you get charged back for someone else to do nothing. It is all inside family members. I have emails saying I would make this much then another email saying I would make 90% less than they said. They tell you its this amount to pick up and when you get there its 5 times as much they wont pay you for. You must remove major hazardous chemicals, oil, tires etc, without a permit to do so, leaving you in violation with the epa and deq. They give you a work order that is due 3 weeks ago and expect you to have it done yesterday but you wont get it until tomorrow. Addresses are wrong and its your fault, for not getting it done. All parent companies pay 7-15 days, but Dales will not pay for 45. They sit on the money in the bank and collect the interest, leaving you desperate, and broke. I looking to file a class action suit against Dales Contractors for unfair business and employment tactics. They currently owe me over $8000.00 plus interest. That alone is just labor. They owe even more for materials which they will not pay. They have an extremely high turn over rate because the will not pay. Nobody can go that long with out getting something. They are not lead based paint certified, haz mat approved, roofing certified, they are 100% not leagal for half of what they do. I will be filing suit against them. They will also meet the press. If you are involved with them, get out while you can. They will bankrupt you, and find someone else to fill your spot. They are liars, cheats, thieves, backstabbers, and just all around B.S.

Tags: Employers

Address: highway 66 catoosa, Oklahoma United States of America