Complaint: My girlfriend and I arrived at the Dublin Airport and immediately checked car with Attendant #1 (Robbie Murphy), returned our GPS and notified him of any issues we had with the vehicle. We then went upstairs to the airport, notified the Dooley attendant at their booth and proceeded into the dining area of the Airport. As we walked into the dining area, I realized I forgot my iPhone 5 in the center console of the car. I immediately ran back to the desk and spoke with the service woman from Dooley who was extremely helpful. She directed me to proceed downstairs to speak with Attendant #1 (Robbie Murphy) to regain entry into the vehicle. However, when I arrived downstairs, the car was already gone and not a single attendant for Dooley in sight. I returned upstairs where the service woman called their depot to have the vehicle checked. Service woman #1 was on the line with service woman #2 at the depot when the vehicle arrived. Service woman #1 claimed she checked the car, top to bottom and there was nothing in the vehicle. I insisted my iPhone 5 was in the vehicle exactly where I left it and requested to be brought to the depot to check for myself. I arrived at the depot after a Dooley van picked me up and was aggressively greeted by the Manager (Michael Murphy) along with Robbie Murphy and Derry Doherthy. I was informed that Robbie was not the individual that drove the vehicle back to the depot and that it was in fact Derry Doherthy. Both of these individuals claimed they had no clue where my iPhone 5 was. I was then approached by the Manager. Michael claimed that him and his staff checked the entire vehicle and there was nothing anywhere — he even explicitly stated that he himself, checked under all the seats and crevices to confirm the phone wasn’t in the vehicle. After checking the vehicle myself (even under the seats), I requested them to call the local authorities to help get to the bottom of the situation. Michael began raising his voice, becoming defensive and aggressively defending his employees authenticity. Shortly after I requested the authorities get involved, Employee #3 emerged from the back presents me with my iPhone 5 and asks, “Is this your phone?””. Sure enough

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Address: it was my phone at which time I asked Where was this?

Website: I thought you checked under the seats and in every crevice?. He immediately began raising his voice even higher and took off his coat in an aggressive manner. I brushed it off

Phone: Employee #3 then responded with