I don’t know exactly when it started I just knew something wasn’t right. We only dated 3 months before getting married. It was a whirlwind romance. He was my prince charming. I am 8 years older than him which worried me but he reassured me  he was not a cheater. She is older than me. || Apparently this started in September and we were married September 26th. This girl was his co worker. He would come home and complain about her and say she was trying to get with him. She ended up moving in a couple doors down from us with roommates. I knew something wasn’t right. Keep in mind I’m working nights at the time. he was very secretive about his phone so one day I just grabbed it and went through and found he had been calling and texting her all the time. I blew up but he convinced me it was about work and my dumb ass believed him. || Fast forward to January. I had a gut feeling so I messaged her on Facebook and she immediately texted him. He was sleeping so I grabbed his phone and pretended I was him. I then woke him up and told him I knew everything and he confessed. I kicked him out and lo and behold he had her come get him. She knew about me and did not give a shit. I just let karma take care of her. || I gave him another chance after he begged me back and I know everyone will say I’m stupid but I do love him. I’m not over it. It hurts every day.