I purchased a particular dance bag to match my grandaughters other things we had purchased.nWhen the bag came it was not the same one advertised on their page. nIt had different Fonts on the front of the bag and the word Dance instead of Dancer.I wrote them and told them of this and also that I was returning the shoes I also purchased. nI got absolutely no response. I told them the box that the shoes came in was torn apart, looks like they had sent this same item out at least 2o times. nWhen I read their return policys they say “don’t throw away the original shoe box or there will be a $2.00 box fee

which I also disputed becuz of the condition it had came to me. nI also asked them for a refund on these shoes I have returned and asked them not to charge me for this box as it was shipped in bad shape. I also asked them to waive the restocking fee

seeing I purchased the gym bag anyways for my grandaughters birthday. nTo this date even after I have sent the shoes back and made a purchase from their page they have not contacted me. They have not credited my credit card acct. and they have not returnrf any of my emails. nThis online store misrepresents itself

does not give any customer support whatsoever and well

I havn’t seen my money returned as yet. Buyer Beware of this web site.. nDebranArriba