Complaint: DANIEL ALEJANDRO BREEDY, DANIEL BREEDY, DANNY BREEDY, DAN BREEDY FROM COLUMBUS OHIO, ROCKFORD ILLINOIS & DUBLIN OHIO did NOT pay us on sales accounts closed as well as the override for the sales agents on the team and several other agents! Daniel Breedy scammed me out of $3,300+$1,500 dollars in clothing. Daniel Breedy has refused to pay multiple sales agents and has scammed multiple sales agents on personal account sales and override commissions. Daniel Breedy falsifies sales reports to make it look like accounts cancel when indeed they did NOT cancel. Daniel Breedy has manipulated sales reports for several campaigns across several states for several independent business owners, IBO’s. Daniel Breedy has acted in pure negligence and is deliberately ignoring phone calls and text messages sent to him as well as the company group chats. Daniel Breedy is the president of a company called SVG Marketing LLC and is not to be trusted and also known as Breedy Marketing LLC. Daniel Breedy has scammed sales teams for double-digit thousands of dollars since we partnered in late thousand sixteen early two thousand seventeen. Daniel Breedy is not to be trusted in any way shape or form. Daniel Breedy steals clothing items from managers and agents hotel rooms. Daniel Breedy stole $1,500 worth of clothing from my hotel room and refuses to give it back.

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Address: 5273 APPLEBAUGH ST DUBLIN, OHIO United States


Phone: 8155936231