Daniel Walker message our Facebook group asking if anyone was interested in personal loans. After checking out his website he seem pretty legit. He sent me loan app quickly and was approved right away. The terms were really good. So i sent my 5% to Western Union, ( Big Red Flag) Well the bank drew up my account with my money in it, when i went to draw my loan out they added another 2% fee to with draw my money. Once again they wanted me to send it Western Union. I told them no way, the 2% was never disclosed and that all they did was scam me and there is no way that i was going to send them anymore money.


Name: Daniel Walker Finanacial Services

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 7 Hanover Square

Phone: 518-656-1199

Website: danielwalkerfinancialservices.com/