DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! nI went to the diamond district to purchase an engagement ring. I selected a diamond at Daniela and they told me it will be 20 minutes to put in the setting. No refunds, exchange only. Not at my best, I left the store to get coffee, 20 minutes later came back and they said ok , come down the block for the jeweler to set the diamond, Given my excitement at the moment, I just followed the salesperson to the location to set the diamond, and didn’t think much of it. I brought the diamond home and discovered that it was “Clarity Enhanced/Fracture Filled””. nThis significantly reduces the value of the diamond

like by half! I inspected the certificate and found that the certificate was switched. The diamond size

color and clarity was the same but it was clarity enhanced. The certificate I saw in the store was not the same as I was given after my coffee break. Of course after more careful inspection the receipt reads “”Clarity Enhanced””

to protect themselves

in my excitement I glazed over that