This plus sized hoe started out trying to get with my exes brother about four years ago, he’s a man-whore who doesn’t like big women so she was out of the question for him. She then decided to get at my ex. At the time, we used to have Myspace and she would always post stupid comments on his page like:”Hey cutie” this and”hey cutie” that, till this day I still think it’s rude to say anything like that to anyone knowing they’re in a committed relationship, so, I said something about it in a comment and it all stopped (or so I thought). || Over the next couple of years, we got married and had a baby. Like any relationship, ours had its problems but, when he got physical with me I left our apartment. The day I left; everything bad that could happen, happened (a family fight involving him at our daughter’s first birthday party). We decided we were still going to try and work things out but, I told him I was going to stay at my parents’ house until he went to AA and we went to couples counseling, and little did I know, he felt that I betrayed him so he felt the need to get even with me. Who better to get even with someone than Desperate Dirty Danielle? || This is actually where Danielle comes in. I honestly had no idea about her because I didn’t think he’d have time to cheat, he was actually in a halfway house and working for almost a year and then finished out the last couple months of his sentence in jail (because he did something stupid). He was staying at his mom’s house for little while before we moved into our apartment but, we used to spend every day together until my daughter would get tired. I guess she’d go over to his mom’s house shortly after I’d leave and hang out with him. She said that she’d take him home with her and drop him off at his mom’s in the morning, he said she’s lying that he always told her no (I’m sure it’s a lie but that’s what he told me). He told me he used to talk to her when we’d fight because she’d listen to him, and she was always there whenever he called, she’d buy him food, give him money blah blah blah. || This disrespectful hoe had the nerve to go to our apartment knowing that this is where we were raising our family. Mine and my daughter’s stuff was still there, how could someone have the nerve to go into someone else’s home? I only found out she was there because he left out some cards she tried sending him while he was in jail but he never got them. I found out they had sex in my bed and the only reason I found out was because there was a condom on the floor. He was stupid enough to leave the cards and her pictures at our apartment, all that stuff had her first name, last name, and her address. So I looked her up and confronted her on Facebook because all he did was deny her. At first she told me to ask him, and when I told her he was denying it, she said she didn’t want to get into it with me so I went off on her and basically told her she was a disrespectful whore and had no morals. This bitch then told me that she has his heart, and we were never married, he couldn’t stand me, and that he just stayed with me for our daughter. She’s actually not the reason he left his family, he left us for another woman. Danielle was STILL the other woman in his new relationship, and the other homewrecker started cheating on him to get even after she found out about her (karma’s a big bitch lol). I guess she thought they were going to be together after he and the other hoe broke up but, once it didn’t happen she started getting crazy and always cried (again this is what he said don’t know if it’s true or not). Now they don’t talk anymore. || He and I have been getting along and trying to figure things out. I’m not sure what the future holds because I’ don’t know if I can ever trust him, and I don’t know if he’ll ever respect our family enough to leave these hoes alone but, we’re taking it a little bit at a time, if we get back together great, if not I hope we have a decent co-parenting relationship. I told him in order for us to even start working things out and for me to throw away her cards and pictures, that I’m exposing her on here. I’m not blaming her for everything that happened; I blame him and the other bitch just as much. I just can’t stand the fact that this bitch was in MY APARTMENT and doesn’t care, and didn’t even have respect for my daughter, or even for herself as a woman to not go after someone who was married.