I married my high school sweetheart. We got engaged when I was sixteen and married when I turned twenty one years old. We had two beautiful boys and were living out our dream. We both were very happy and loved each other very much. I was living a fairytale romance and life. My husband found out when he was seventeen years old that he had MS but nothing stopped us from taking college classes together, having and raising two wonderful sons, working full-time and taking care of a horse ranch. We did everything together and had many happy years together. People would always tell me they wish they had the kind of marriage and life my husband and I had together. In 2008 we sold our ranch and built our dream home. I became very ill during this year and almost died from a toxic appendix. The doctor performed an emergency appendectomy in December of 2008. My son and my sister were by my side in the hospital. They both tried to reach my husband at work and on his cell but could not get him. My sister had to be my guardian ad Litem so she could sign papers for me to have emergency surgery. My husband didn’t show up until my surgery was over and I was in recovery. He came in the recovery room for about ten minutes and said he had to get back to work. I was so weak that when I got out of the hospital my oldest son carried me up my steps and put me to bed. I was very ill about four months before the surgery and had lost almost seventy pounds. I was in shock when my husband didn’t even come to the hospital to see me or even bring me home.Things just went downhill from that day on. We were almost finished building our dream home and were  living in a townhouse while it was being built. I questioned my husband over and over about why he was not there during surgery and he would just get angry and tell me he had to work or he would lose his position. (Removed). || We finally got our dream home finished after one year and moved into it in 2009. As I started getting well I noticed that he would go outside in the garage to talk on his cell and he would stay out there for hours at a time. He always told me he was talking to my brother or his friends. I finally caught him in the shower one day and tried to look at his phone but he had it password protected. We had been married 24 years at this time and he had never done this before. He had been sick with his bladder on and off for about 15 years due to his MS. I was always by his side and went to every appointment with him. I even worked my work schedule around his doctor’s appointments so he would not be alone. We found out he had bladder cancer in early 2009 right after we had moved into our new home. This devastated me and both of my sons’ lives. Even though they were in their late teens it was hard for them to deal with the fact their father had cancer and could die.In February of 2009 my husband had to have his bladder removed due to him having bladder cancer. My husband and I had already packed to go to the hospital the next morning and we went thru all the mail that night because we knew he would be in the hospital for many weeks. I saw our cell phone bill and wondered why the package with the bill was so thick. I got busy packing and forgot about the cell bill. I noticed his phone was buzzing over and over with messages. When I asked him about it he said it was my brother which was my husbands best friend and our sons checking on him. Something told me to check the cellular bill. When I went to look for it, it had disappeared. I looked down through our garbage can and under several newspapers I found the bill it had been opened but all seventy-four pages were there. I went out to our garage and read over the pages of phone calls and text messages. There were hundreds from two numbers. I took the bill and sat it down in his lap and asked him who the hell was texting and calling him from those two numbers I wanted the names. He said you know Danielle Hawes that works for me at the college and I said yes and wanted to know why the hell he was talking to her.He stated that she had a nervous breakdown and he was just trying to help her through it. I asked who the other number was and he said it was Danielles Hawes mother and she was talking with him about her daughter. I told him I knew he was lying to me and this was total bullshit. He kept proclaiming his innocence. It was 3am and we had to leave to go to the hospital for his surgery. I went to my bedroom and called the whore, Danielle. I told her if she or her mother called , texted, or even came to the hospital I would have them arrested and told her she was a whore and so was her mother. Danielle was only 18 when she started the affair with my husband. She was now 21. About five minutes after I called her my husband busted into the bedroom and started screaming at me. What the hell do you think you’re doing? I told him to get in the car and we would talk on the way to the hospital. On the four-hour trip to Morgantown he kept saying it was all innocent. I told him I knew better and just to shut up. When we got to the hospital both of our sons were already there and I did not want to my sons to have to deal with this the morning their dad was having cancer surgery. I had to smile and put on a happy face with my sons by my side as they wheeled him back to surgery. I didn’t know if he would survive the surgery or not. || To make a long story short my husband survived the surgery and I took him home three weeks later. He was in a wheelchair and I waited till he was getting better and I called both of my sons to our home and I confronted him in front of our sons about his affair with the whore, Danielle. He denied everything in front of our sons and told them I was crazy. I showed them the cell bills and he said he was just trying to help her. I had broken into my husbands email account and copied all of the nasty disgusting porn messages between him and Danielle. I showed them to my sons and they both broke down and started crying. My youngest son actually threw up. He had dated Danielle for nearly four months and during this whole time my husband was screwing her too. My brother and also my husbands best friend had also dated for over six months before he broke up with her. I found out that she actually had sex with my brother one morning and then my husband met her that evening after work and he screwed her too. Yuck…My sons were both devastated and also my brother. He lied to and hurt everyone who loved him. I stayed with him and nursed him back to health. During this time the whore continued texting me and saying how he still loved her. She also continued to text and call my husband trying to get back with him even though he told her it was over and he was a fool. He would show me every text and every phone message he let me listen to them. Her and her mother had just wanted him for his and my money. They knew he was building me a new house and both of them were working on him divorcing me to get it.The whore Danielle was a brunette with green eyes.. I am blonde and blue-eyed. After my husband broke it off with her she dyed her hair blonde and got blue contacts. wow.. psychoAfter he finally got out of the wheelchair and was well on his road to recovery I found out he was talking to another young girl who was 24. She lived right out the road from our new home. I packed all of my clothes and went to live in my sisters trailer and filed for a divorce. I should have known a cheater always cheats. I am so glad I came across this site because now I can finally show Danielle Hawes for the cheating, homewrecking, whore she is. || Women Beware. She sings in the church choir and pretends to be so innocent and she is very manipulative. She will do anything to get who and what she wants. She does not care how many men she has to screw to get to the top she will.