On August 7th, I signed up for an introductory offer from Bella Sole for 2 pieces of jewelry at a great price of $2.00. The terms stated semi-monthly shipments and cancel at any time. My credit card was charged on 8/8. I received the shipment the next week, around 8/12. Of course, the jewelry looked like $2! The website is deceiving–stating that the jewelry has been featured on soap operas and other TV shows. Nikki Newman on Y&R never wore this stuff! To my surprise, from 8/13-8/21, I received 5 additional shipments of jewelry at $68 each, all charged to my credit card. That’s alot of bad quality jewelry and alot of money! Some of the stones were even chipped. I called the company on 8/20 to inquire about the “semimonthly”” status and to cancel. The representative asked me why I didn’t set my shipment schedule up correctly when I signed up. That option never appeared

and I told him so. He then told me that because no shipment intervals were set up

my account default is jewelry shipments every 2 days!!! I cancelled my account

but what a rip-off! I’m now in the process of sending the junk back and getting credit on my charge card. Thinking optimistically

hopefully all will be settled in a timely manner! I think I will contact the BBB! By the way