Complaint: It is one thing to talk about sexual purity but yet it is another thing to be found with impurities that are of a different kind. The minister Dannah Gresh who loves to talk against sexual impurity seems however to be filled with a different kind of impurity-financial impurity. The message that is found below was sent to me from her ministry though I am not a member of her ministry nor am I a partner or a parent but this message clearly shows how those who “claim”” to stand for being “”pure”” can indeed be involved in financial impurity also known as Greed. Please read the following below: From Dannah Gresh hide details Reply-to eileen To XXXX Sent Tuesday

Tags: Religion

Address: June 18

Website: the challenge is that the cost of creating it (which is in the $50

Phone: 2013 at 1:47 PM “”KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN PROGRESS You’ve been asking for an all-new event