DARMANI GRAIN STORAGE shipped out the wrong gauge on 4 > 21-06 grain bins. Darmani insisit by providing us with generic photos of their shipping piles that indicate the photo of a bin package, that no mistake was made. The photos indicate only a pile of panels and bolts etc. Nothing to provide proof of the pile being our packages or indicating that it is more than one bin package. There is NO digital date stamp on those photos. They then claim we have stolen the panels and replaced with crap panels of a lessor gauge. They then decided to shift blame on the original installers whom errected the bins. That they stole them and replaced them. Well that was not so, as were here the whole time to confirm the bin packages were as shipped. They then decided to blame the destination company whom sold the packages. The claim that they must of tampered with the bin packages once unlaoded and reloaded for delivery to our location for construction of these 4 bins. Darmani had conversation by many Texts and some phonecalls. They agreed that it needed to be verified first that the problems were a gauge problem and not a assembly problem. We were also told by a representative instructed to call us, that if indeed it was a gauge problem with the sheets sent , that without a micrometre that nothing could be decided. Daramani was at this point extremely hesitant to return any phone calls or text messages. But fortunately we HAVE text messages to valiidate what our complaint is. Daramni did final send out one of their bin crew members whom was in the area to come and have a look. This gentlemans name is Bill. He did say that until it is deconstructed there was no way to really confirm what he suspected. He suspected by the appearance was that the wrong gauge’s of panels were used. Thus following the blame being shiffted once again to someone else making a mistake. Again several weeks of no returned communication from Darmani, we provided them with a acurrate micrometer reading of the gauges sent and installed in these 4 assembled bin packages sent out to us. They did allow their own sub-contracted crew to inspect and provide info to them about what he saw. I had a private conversation with this member and he informed me that there is a history of shipping errors from this Company consistently. His intention was to do the repair BUT, by the time he was finished doing his setups already confirmed to be built, we had 3 of those four bins refilled for the storage was a neccessity. Finally by Sept.19 2017 3 months after the fact they did agree to bring replacemnt panels at no charge, BUT there was a catch. They had a female employee call ahead to make sure someone was around to recieve these panel, BUT it must be signed as recieved before unload. If It is not signed they will not unload and take them back. You must realize that we are in the middle of HARVEST & need bins for storage. I RETURN to my yard with the tractor and Graincart to meet this trucker when he called that he has arrived. I have 3 combines waiting for my return in the field and am hurried. I signed the document to except delivery and realize after that There is a waiver on it. I felt cohurst/blackmailed that I was forced to sign this in order to except delivery of the correct gauge of bin panels, and get right back out to the field. I read the waiver on this document after in the field and it states ” IT IS AGREED THAT THE CUSTOMER WILL LOOK AFTER SETTING UP THESE SHEETS AT HIS COST BY REPLACING THE DAMAGED SHEETS ON HIS EXISTING BINS USING THE EXTRA HEAVY GAUGE SHEETS ON HIS existing bins. IMAGINE THAT >>>> we have to pay to repair their mistake”

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