Complaint: Darius failed to mention in this bio that he was the mastermind behind a 8 year long tax fraud scheme this is really how he made all of his money please people do your home work on him guy is paying to remove all negative things from search engines to make himself look like a clean cut guy this is not on anyway true look up the class action lawsuits on him and his wife shamale mccullum allen the tax company that has all the lawsuits pending is tax breaks they were in the family dollar stores in different states from texas to Arizona,after doing research on him I find that he has pending lawsuits for unpaid wages to employees,his mo is to put business under other peoples names and give them control over it but limited control which he is the one that runs it from behind the scenes then fires us and takes the money and not pay us and then threatens to sue us the guy is pretty cleaver he isn’t suppose to be involved in the tax prep business because of his office being raided last tax season because of fraudulent tax fillings and this year he just put business in other party’s names along with his brother and a few other family members so it looks like he has nothing to do with the business but in the end he is the brains behind the operation which is currently under investigation he is also thought to be paying off a person on the inside that is allowing him to get away with these things,so do you homework before being scammed by him also like all of us along with his prior employess his number is 214 650-6352 email [email protected] # tax breaks # tax fraud

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: Nationwide USA


Phone: 214 650-6352