Complaint: Darrell Lopez, John Ashton, Fabian Lincoln and their company (Element Telecom) are comete frauds. They scam their customers, they don’t pay their employees and tmake look like Keystone Cops trying to run a business – completely incompetent! Countless customers & dozens of employees have been defrauded! Do not go near these guys with a 10 foot pole, they are toxic!! They portray themselves as devout Catholics, but are a bunch of convicts who have not changed their ways. Darrell even uses his son as a front man… Unfortunately, you cannot choose who you are born to and Nick Lopez was born to a com artist who is already ruining his reputation. Beware these con artists and only accept payment from them if it is in cold hard cash (make sure not counterfeit)!!!!

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: 1015 Magee Creek Ct Oviedo, Florida USA


Phone: 4072572150