As abuse Victims we feel compelled to keep the Public updated with the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH! Please continue to BEWARE of DARREN AMBLER of redacted He is a Sex addict, Sex Predator, Drug Abuser, Rapist and DRD Carrier. He is so psychotic and deranged that it is believed he actually enjoys transmitting his dirty DRD’s. Darren Ambler is employed as a PHARMACIST-with EXPRESS SCRIPTS in Florence NJ:/ Talk about a company being given a bad name. Darren Ambler is a Sick Sociopath full of hate- evil- jealousy – regret and Ugliness. Of course- He is an DRD Carrier that has transmitted his gross drds to 5 possibly more former partners. Darren Ambler is a filthy immoral Playboy turned floozy(sexual addict). Darren will screw anyone who submits to his sick advances. Darren Ambler is a TRUE Busted Balloon in bed. Also, the Doctor forgot to attach his wee wee at Birth. Darren was dealt a terrible hand at birth- no wee wee, a face that blends well at Halloween time, a scrawny body – round shoulders, bugged out eyes and Breath that should be declared a legal weapon. It has been said that Darren Ambler is so full of SEX- DRD’s- Evil- Hate- Jealousy and Envy that all of that evilness and Infection has begun oozing out of his mouth and his pores. Hatred can become so extreme that it will start to ooze out and cause your breath to become rancid and smelling like the city dump. Darren Ambler has been established in his new Career (FLOOZY- Playboy- Sex and Drug addict for at least 4-5 years): He enjoys his work and has no regrets. Darren is sick and mentally deranged. He has no self esteem and he is UGLY and has no Personality. Because Darren Ambler is a coward he is afraid of life otherwise he would face life and REALITY instead of living in an FANTASY land. Too bad. This geek who stinks for miles has NOTHING to offer anyone but ugliness- drd and misery. Darren Ambler had Sex- Oral Sex and performed other vulgar and outrageous sexual acts on Vulnerable women of all ages- floozys and who ever is stupid enough to give into his Gross and Smelly Advances. Even Men when they hear about Scum bag Darren Ambler simple cringe and call him a dirt bag COWARD. Darren will have to face his accusers in court soon. He will have to face accusations of 1). TRANSMISSION OF DRD’S THROUGH CARELESS SEX: 2). PARTICIPATING OR HAVING AFFILIATIONS WITH AN ORGANIZATION THAT ENDORSES, PROMOTES AND PRACTICES FLOOZY AND PORNOGRAPHY: 3). SEXUAL EXPLOITATION- ENGAGING IN SEXUAL BEHAVIOR FOR EXCHANGE OR MONEY OR GOODS/RAPE: 4). POSSIBLE DARREN AMBLER ENGAGED IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH FEMALES UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE (BEING INVESTIGATED): Alina and The Becerra family wishes to be present at the court hearings. Darren Ambler can not plea the 5th: He will have to TESTIFY. If he refuses he automatically goes to JAIL waiving a trial. If he lies then Darren Ambler faces Purgery charges. The lawyer is fully prepared to bring to the Judges attention about Darren Ambler’s children being in an unsafe environment. Being in the presence of a Deranged father who is addicted to SEX and Pornography and carries drds is a terrible environment for children to be in: The Judge will probably refer that part of the argument to a Family COURT Judge. The children may still be TEMPORARILY removed from Darren Ambler’s custody until a decision is reached. Darren Ambler has screwed so many women including Megan Bentzley- Angie Parsons even George Parsons was seduced by Frog face. There is a long list of females that Darren forced into demeaning sex acts. Darren has no preference he will “Bang” married women- divorced women- single and even old maids and SENIORS. Darren the PIG loves variety. Darren did find some of us on dating and sex related sites. But it was learned that Darren used floozy and Hook up- floozy services for the real BIG fun. Darren is Disgusting UGLY- Perverted- Immoral- Class-less he stinks and has the Personality of a DEAD TOAD. Darren embraced floozy-ism. He loves Oral- Group- and Threesome type sex. Darren Ambler also loves Bondage and Extremely Rough Vulgar SEX. He is a coward wimp an ugly one at that. Now Creepo gave five women DRD’s. Darren will be charged Criminally for his Horrific actions and behaviors. One infected women has been on 5 different medications and none seem to provide long term relief from her Infection. This person has even been prescribed SEPTRA-DS and this drug did not clear up her Infection which she contracted after Darren Ambler forced her into Sexual Intercourse against her will. Please ladies especially be CAUTIOUS. Do not communicate with this Infected Sex Predator- FLOOZY Darren Ambler. You are risking your life and your health if you do. Call POLICE if Mr. Ambler solicits you for sex – drugs or anything for that matter. What kind of person joins SEX-Meet Up- FLOOZYGroups? An insecure scum bag with no wee wee joins organizations such as these. Darren Amble should have saved his money for his Facial Reconstruction surgery and his wee wee attachment surgery. That would have been a worthwhile investment. Darren will learn that we must PAY for our bad behaviors- our lies and our Sexual indiscretions. This Psycho DEFAMED Himself through his own bad bad actions and careless ways. Darren may see his old “Buddy” Gary Dumas again in court.