The Dart Web site offers guarntee weekly pay of 1250 dollars this does not happen they did not pay it you must be available to work my truck was broke down 3 different times I did not receive break down pay or they didn’t pay me the guarntee salary they promise on there web site. | I never received a 1250 check all the time I was there and forget home time they promise to get you home on the day you request if done so seven days prior I requested day off three weeks in advance. they made sure I didn’t get home on time. | this company is full of promises they don’t keep just heart break be smart don’t sign on with Dart Transit buy your own truck then this kind of company can’t control you that is all Dart is about CONTROL don’t let them take your dignity away from you.


Name: Dart Transit Company

Country: United States

State: Minnesota

City: Eagan

Address: 800 Lone Oak Rd

Phone: 651-688-2000