There was a notification for a work from home job on my Facebook account from a Garage sales site for Toledo, OH and surrounding areas. I responded that I was interested and the person said to inbox message them. I then sent a message through Facebook Messenger asking what kind of job and the name of the company. I was told work from home doing data entrytfir a company called Datastax. I then looked up this company on your website, and it had the exact same scenario listed as a scam to get money. So, I then went back on Facebook and Messenger and sent a message back to the person accusing them of fraud and a scam. I also started messaging that it was a SCAM to every single person that responded how I did. In the process of sending the messages I was all of the sudden logged off of (kicked out of) my Facebook account AND my Messenger account!!! I am not sure what this person did but I am now concerned if they are trying to hack me or if they already have. Therefore, I have not even tried to log back in. I have never been logged out of my accounts before!!! I’m not sure what I should do?????