Complaint: Could not agree more with the other person on here! 2 horses share stalls, horses sick, ring worm, fungus, sick goats, DANGEROUS, i could go on for days! If u want your horse to decrease in health and be at risk for harm this is the place to go! We moved due to hostile people and everything listed above and more! So much happend here that i would homestly have to write a book ! Horses will not always eat due to not being feed, will not always have water! May have there stalls tied shut with baling string! May be caught in a barn fire due to faulty electric! Bathroom offred on property is cool but theres poop all on the walls and toilet so i think id rather go in a horse stall! Not allowed to ride anywhere because she doesnt want to mess up the pastures or grass! So u can ride on the road where cars fly past u!! Missing a haulter or lead rope or brushes well if u do ur not getting them back because they are in her house! Rules change on a daily basis! I also could go on for days about this place! This lady doesnt have the money to care for her own horses l, shes not fit to have them and horses go there looking good and unfortunately decrease while they are there! U will be used and then talked about behind your back! Horses are not only not cared for but have no mannors so becareful we dont need anyone ELSE yes i said ELSE getting hurt because of her horses!

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Address: USA