Complaint: NO REPLY TO THE FOLLOWING E-MAIL THAT I HAVE SENT TO THE COMPANY!!! This past weekend I was invited to Dave and Buster’s for a birthday of a close friend. There were 10 close friends in our party. We decided that when we got there around 8:30 pm that we would go to the dinner area. When we put our names in we were informed of a 1-1 hour wait. Well, it is Sat. at the Spectrum, so that was understandable. So, we waited for a booth to open up. We got one in 15 minutes. Well, we sat and ordered our drinks. One of the members of the party opened a tab for him, his girlfriend and his brother which was fine at the time. One of the women in our party ordered a Margarita. She had one earlier that was fine. When we got sat she had ordered another. She took a sip of the second and she said it tasted soapy. She asked the waiter nicely to bring her a new one. He did, and again she stated that it tasted awful. He took it away and she stuck with water. About 30 minutes later food started to trickle in. The first problem that began was with one of the food runners. He had a full plate of food that he was getting ready to put down. Instead of going around the people at the table he went over. Well, one of the ketchup containers fell on my friend’s head, then to the floor. The runner looks at him kind of blankly and goes, uh, bummer, sorry. Not what I was expecting. Well, he was getting ready to just walk away before my friend had to ask for a wet rag, and then a manager. Not 5 minutes later everyone but my fiance was eating. Her green salad never came. The only thing that arrived was some Italian dressing which was wrong. I had to grab our waiter again to check on a salad. He brought it back with the right dressing. Now mind you this guy Fran was rushing, I understand. But to then spill half the dressing on my lap and not acknowledge it was just unbelievable. So, we still wait for the manager. About 20 minutes later we finally get Rachelle Beasley to come to our table. After she explained the situation, she mentioned that she cannot credit the bill, but she gave us her card to send her a bill for dry cleaning our clothes. Also she was nice enough to say that she would give us a round of drinks and give our friend some birthday cake or dessert for the trouble. My friend and I accepted that. Well, it might help if Management and staff spoke. We received our bill. First problem, the two Margaritas that were ordered were still on the bill. Second, my friend’s drinks that he put on his tab we still on the bill as well. So, the bill goes back to get corrected and then again back to our table. The drinks were not taken off, but there was a credit. The waiter said it was because they can’t take the drinks off, but he already paid with his CC. Alright… Then we look and there is only one Margarita taken off. To avoid further frustration, I just paid the bill of $130. Because gratuity was included we said just forget it. After we paid we asked for our round and our waiter didn’t understand. We told him what the manager said and he said he wasn’t notified. So, not only did we not get the drinks promised, but we also didn’t get just a small dessert for our friend. Now, the ketchup that fell earlier still on the floor until we left. I have never been so just disappointed in a place before. I can totally relate to the problems that may arise being a food and beverage director at one point. I know the good and the bad that comes with it, but this was just a bad time. One top of all that, I bought a $50 card to play games with right before this started. After the final straw I decided that maybe I should finish my night elsewhere as we all did. From maybe spending another $300-$500 from us, you basically asked us to go elsewhere which we did. At lunch I got my jeans from the cleaners with a note. The Balsamic vinegar ate some of the dye and ruined a $120 pair of jeans. I have no status on how my friend’s clothes look after that night, but if he’s half as upset and disappointed, you can expect the same letter. I would greatly appreciate a call back on what you can do to go ahead and refund my card for I feel that I won’t be coming to Dave and Buster’s in the near future. Demir Laguna Niguel, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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