I’ve heard many stories where consumers used Dave Ramsey’s ELP service to find a provider and were disappointed, misled, scammed, etc. | THis is a story oif a provider also being scammed by the Lampo Group a/k/a Dave Ramsey. We sigend up years ago to become an ELP. Got a call about 6 months ago to join. It was very expensive to join and they have high monthly fees. All they do is provide leads through their online system. Which should be great. We get online leads from anther system, pay $5.00 per lead and close about 65% of them. | Dave Ramsey has a flat fee system that is based on mis-data. They claimed we would get 12 -1 5 leads per month and we had to pay 275 per month on the 15th. They would not work with us on price or on date they took the payment. Which is very inconvenient and pretty much anti-Dave Ramsey’s own advice. | Month one and two passed. We had about 5 leads total those two months. When I called the leads, 2 told me they were told to use the leads system by someone in the Dave Ramsey group, but they had no interest in using our services. | In month 2, we were supposed to have had a conference call with our Dave Ramsey contact person, but he was always too busy according to his rude assistant. | Month three passed with no leads. | In the middle of month 4 we called Dave Ramsey group. The rude assistnat continued to tell us that they were too busy to talk to us but I explained that we needed some help as there were no leads for over 8 weeks straight. | I got 3 calls back over the next 2 days. They were at inconvenient times for me and so I let them go to voicemail and I tried calling back the same days. After call 3 to me, the contact person left a message that he was concerned I was too unavailable to be in the group. | Ignoring the hypocrisy of that statement by the contact person for a moment, the next time I called him he finally answered and asked me why I hadn’t called him back. I told him I was calling him back right now and that I had tried calling him and calling him back but that his assistant told me he was always too busy…. | once that was smoothed over, I told him my concern was that we wre paying 275 a month and not getting anything in return, not even close to the numebr or qualioty of leads they told me I would have. I explained I was especially concerned since the next month the fee was supposed to go up an additional 250 – a total of 525 a month on a program that had yet to give me 10 leads in the 4 months I had been involved so far. | Instead of handling my questions like a decent businessperson, this dumb hick (sorry but if you talked with him, you’d agree) got mad and said that if I didn’t like the program, I should cancel. I said that we may have to consider that, but I didn’t want to just quit, I thought he should apply some of what was already paid towards my next months service. He said he’d get back to me with an answer on that. | I never heard back and the holidays were in-between. I called last week and he told me that he cancelled me. I asked why. He hung up on me. | They have no real provider assistance- just a guy like this. their leads system is broken, and their fees are outrageous for the nothing they provide. They have no way to contact anyone else except your “contact” person- whio, in my case, was a crazy guy. Shame on Dave ramsey group for treating their advocates like this. Dave Ramsey lost me as a fan and I will not be recommending his programs any further. I feel they owe me for the months I paid a high fee and received nothing in return. Bad company. Bad program. Buyer Beware of the Dave Ramsely ELP program.


Name: Dave Ramsey

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Brentwood

Address: 1749 Mallory Lane

Phone: 888.227.3223

Website: www.daveramsey.com/