Complaint: After 2 months of waiting on David R. Gupta to complete a remodel of a duplex the only thing i have done is 1/2 of 1 unit painted and the floor sanded. Before starting this project we wrote up a contract and together we created a list of tasks to be completed before starting which was 2 pages long. Of the two pages of tasks not a single item on that list has been crossed off that list. After the deposit, “Material buy”” (which never happend)

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: and labor charges i find myself out $12

Website: 16146413804

Phone: 000 and nothing at all has been completed. I’ve filed police reports and am going to attempt to sue to try to recover some of my loss. I have a copy of the contract with his signature as well as all photos showing the lack of work completed. Dont use this guy. Dont let him work on your Jobs. Dont sub work out to him as I fear you’ll just find yourself in the same exact position as me: out money.”