Hello, Hereu2019s his website: www.keybankcorp.com/ My name is Bijou Enfleur Rodriguez DOB 08/07/1986 I live with my 2 Daughters Aimee Stella Rodriguez ( age 5 ) and Amanda Renee Rodriguez (age 2). Used to Reside at 6756 Meadow Way Lane Fort Worth Texas 76179. I moved in this home on 07/28/2012 with Brandon. Brandon Found an ad on Craigslist.com that advertised homes for sale, no credit checks just a large sum of money up front due. We met with the man who presented himself as “Prem Maan””

“”David Gill”” and “”David Kawaldeep”” and his girlfriend Presented herself as “”Katie””. Katie said the house is owned by her Father Prem Maan. Anyway


got a cashier’s check for $13

000 up from because the house required that down payment to move in.. that is a large amount and I felt like we were being scammed from day one. David Gill wanted to meet at the wells fargo bank on 07/30/2012 in the afternoon time to sign papers and get the rest of the money ($965) David asked me to meet him and Katie at the Mcdonald’s resturant off I-820 off Rufe SNow Dr Exit. that’s when and where we should have sought advice.. he said the title to the property is now mine and I have the deed of trust. House selling for $130