This was a review written on, which is the site used to find this rental. The listing number is 9732. | BUYER BEWARE! | If I could rate this owner a ZERO, I would. This is a review if you are thinking of renting from this owner so you are not scammed as I would. This is all honest information and can be backed up with emails between the owner and myself. | On 2/20, I communicated with owner on staying a week at his property. I asked about all fees associated with the rental. He responded with a per night rate and tax. He added no other deposits, fees, or other monies that would need to be paid in any of his correspondence with us. He demanded half the cost of the rent prior to sending us the rental agreement. | On 2/22/12, I deposited half the total rent due into his checking account to save on time of mailing the payment via Cashier’s check. The next day, the owner sent the rental agreement to me and he listed in it that there was to a $400 cash security deposit. | In ALL other inquiries when booking a rental home, all deposits (security deposit was one of them) were made very aware in the initial email. It was not until payment was made and on the rental agreement, it was brought up for the first time. Being on a fixed budget, $400 was too much to pay on top of all the cost of the rental and I was unable to move forward with the booking, even though he did offer to reduce it to $300. | I did not sign the agreement, but the owner REFUSED to refund my money paid. The money was paid on good faith that all information presented to that point was completely whole and honest and missing information, especially since it was asked about ALL fees ASSOCIATED with the rental. This would be a fee associated with the rental, even if it was refundable. | I am not arguing that the owner has the right to charge a security deposit. He very much does, but I feel it should have been discussed before taking payment and he should refund the money since it was not disclosed. | The owner has refused repeated requests for a refund; so before you pay ANY money to this owner, beware! Ensure you get a copy of the rental agreement BEFORE any funds are paid. He will hold your money hostage if he decides to give you new information after making payment, which causes you to not move forward. | We were able to book through another owner on this site and were given all information from the very first email and was very pleased with our vacation. Again, beware when dealing with this owner and hopefully you do not have a situation similar to mine.

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