Complaint: I have used David Mark Marcovitch as a lawyer during 2017, and I wanted to write this review in the hope that it may serve as a warning to other potential clients to stay away! I only wish that I had done extensive research on Mr. Marcovitch prior to engaging with him, it would have certainly saved me a lot of time and a lot of money. Mr. Marcovitch took my money upfront, which was an enormous financial burden on me at the time, and proceeded to do nothing short of send me on a while goose chase after that. He provided the absolute minimum level of service (if even that) in order to convince me that he had fulfilled his services and had justified his fees. I honestly feel like my money was stolen and I was left no better off than before I had met Mr. Marcovitch. Upon my disgust with his service, and my own frustration, I proceeded to investigate a little further into Mr David Marcovitch, and I must say I was not surprised to find that I was not alone in my plight. I found that on several occasions Mr. Marcovitch had actually been suspended by the Law Society for various reasons, such as failing to cooperate with the Law Society, misappropriating monies and failing to fulfil undertakings to fellow solicitors. I sincerely regret my dealings with Mr. Marcovitch, and hope that others are made aware of his character avoid him at all costs.

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Address: Toronto, Ontario Canada