THE DIRTY ARMY:  Met David at a gathering and he asked me for my number to “help” me with a problem I was having at the time. He pursued me relentlessly, sent flowers, called and texted. He told me he lived in California and was in Nashville on business every other week. After several months of what I thought was a relationship, his WIFE called me to let me know he was married and she was in the courts trying to divorce him. He does not live in California, he lives in Tennessee with his wife and kids. He’s unemployed & 4 years older than he told me. I did a Google search and found his real Facebook account and Instagram. He was chatting with me through dummy accounts he set up just to fool me. His wife wasn’t even mad! She said she’s divorcing him as this is typical with him and I’m not the only one he has seduced and manipulated. She actually felt bad for me! I’m disgusted! Watch out for this guy!