He trolls the dating site our.time and apparently several others. Wish I knew that months ago. He contacts you and comes on strong about being hurt, being a widower and wants to make sure you won’t hurt him. He lavishes you with attention, a gift, emails, videos, texts etc. Says he’s working on a big bid. | Goes to Texas and wins the 5 million dollar bid for a six week contract in India. While he’s in India for about two weeks his wallet gets stolen. He worlds thing in a way that make you want to help him. He canlt get his money because he has to pay the Indian government at tax upfront. He had you use credit card and send him gift cards, phones, cash advances etc. with the promise of paying you back. | He makes payments on the credit cards allowing you to use them again and again. They in a few weeks the payments bounce and you are many times over your limit and in tons of debt. Also during this time a woman claiming to be his mother named Liz will call you and tell you how good a man and father he is. | She seems protective of him becasue he’s a wodower and helps him take care of his six year old daughter. They will even send picture of the girl. It’s part of the scam to make you feel comfortable and legitimize it. The address is fake. I went to the door and David doesn’t and has never lived there. Don’t know if the people are aware that he is using their address or if they are part of it??? | There is always another excuse why he can’t come home and he needs more money. He does his reaseach very well even timed it so there were elections taking place in India and the government was shut down. Even sent convincing pictures. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN. He will convince you with hs charm and soothing British accent. | He sounds SO sincere. He is evil. He goes by David M. O’Gorman (there is a facebook page) of Light house Contractors, but he has gone by David O’Callahan. There are other complaints against him in that name so O’Gorman must be fairly new. Company doesn’t exist. Its all a fraud and I hope others will see this under the new alias so they don’t get taken like me. It’s very hurtful, embarassing and financially devestating!!!


Name: David Myles O’Gorman

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: North Port

Address: 4463 Maplewood Terrace

Phone: 941-347-9058