I worked on David Spades film Jerome, shot in Arizona and later buried in oblivion. My tasks involved wearing many hats. I did many jobs as well as setting up tents for craft service after the other guy David Glassman caused serious injury to crew members when his efforts resulting in a collapse of tents onto crew members. I also brought Wendy Malick toilet paper when summoned by her, lured into her trailer as she sat undressed on the toilet #metoo. | I was flawless in my performance of duties and when even a producer thought he could take over for me the result was he failed to catch Wendy and she was hurt and a masseuse had to work on her for most of the day holding up production. That man now sells Real Estate in Scottsdale. First Claim against DAVID SPADE: Everyone was paid for working on Jerome and I’m still waiting for my salary. | Since 1998. I’m sure after David flips a few more houses for many millions he’ll pay me the four grand I was promised. During the filming of Jerome I showed a 15 page idea I had for a film called (former) Child Star. I passed it around and on the day David visited the location shoot I was asked by one of the three producers if David could keep my paperwork. I said “yes, I’d like to sell this idea. See it made in to a movie.” It was made into a movie.. with the first act pretty much exact and acts two and three added by David Spade and Fred Wolf. Second Truth / Claim: I have not received any payment for my work, my concept, my idea nor for the scenes I wrote which appear in the film Dickie Roberts Former Child Star.


Name: David Spade

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Scottsdale



Website: www.davidspade.com