I answered an email for my boss while she was out of the office. It was a request for a quote and moving services. by the end of the conversation there was a very strange request made that the person said was a favor he needed… This is 1 of 16 emails between the scammer and I..From David Taylor… "Thanks for asking about the favor is regarding to the agent in-charge of my new house he hasn’t been balanced because he doesn’t have any means to receive payment via credit card but bank cash deposit and i’m hospitalized right now so i will text you my credit card info to process for sum of $15,500 so $5000 will be your service fee and $500 for tips that include charges % fee but you’ll need to send the rest $10,000 cash to the agent banking info as soon as the funds hit your account so your remaining balance will be paid after the service.Please get back to me if you’re willing to do this favor for me"I told him we were not able to do that and he needed to find another moving company.