My husband and I had been going through some problems. We were working on are problems and continue to work on our problems. She met him on some dating site. He had been leaving late at night and I thought he had been going to work or visit friends this whole time. Well come to find out he had been meeting her in random places having their fun with each other. I didn’t really get suspicious up until here recently I noticed he hadn’t been leaving as much and she was not in town anymore. So I put two and two together and figured it all out. Since she has been gone our relationship seems to be getting better and our problems are slowly going away. It has taken me some time to get over this and for us to get past it for our love for each other was so strong. || I want everyone to watch out because she seems to not care who she hurts or whose family she breaks up. I have heard she has kids of her own and what kind of mother could do this to another family. I myself would not be able to face anyone knowing that what she was doing is wrong. I hope you all get a good look at her face and see who she really is. If she cared for her children she wouldn’t ruin other children’s lives.