let me tell you that The Launch Academy has only been incorporated since Sept.2, 2015. It appears that Damon John has a professional motivational company called ZURIXX that actually is the “Instructing” and “Motivating” group of people that are very good at what they do. HIGH PRESSURE sales. | I originally attended a free seminar sponsored by Damon John of Shark Tank fame. At that seminar, the speakers were very good motivational people and I was motivated to sign up for a three day course on how to bring my new product to the market. | Well that was just the start of a very bad experience. At that seminar another group of highly efficient motivational speakers promoted the big opportunity to get a real in depth learning experience on promoting and building your product and how to find the right contacts to present your invention or product. And the cost was only $21,000 for the course. | Now there was another part of the course that was offered that would provide a personal counselor for two days plus you would have an opportunity to present your product to a group of investors just like on Shark Tank. But that would cost an additional $25,000. Yes folks, that’s right. I got fished in for $41,000. | At one of these classes these instructors even tried to show you how to use credit cards to your benefit by “kiting” or borrowing from one card to pay another and then pay another that you took advances on. The ploy there was to get you to take advances on your credit cards to pay for the additional courses. These people were really slick. I saw through that ploy immediately and that’s when the red flags started to go up. | My product was finished and ready to come to market and the instructors told me that if I didn’t get an investor at the seminar for my product, he would invest in my company if the investors didn’t. They all loved my product and said it was capable of producing several million. With that information I thought how could I miss. Even after the seminar was over, one of the instructors gave me his card to call him which I did. Nothing has happened as of today. | Now the unfortunate thing was that the schedule for me to pitch my product was going to be three months away. But since my product was ready to market, they moved me up for the “Big Event” so I could present my product to a real investor like Shark Tank does. Ha! What a f**king surprise. I had to make a presentation to a former Shark Tank winner and he chose four other people to make their presentation from about 50 others that made presentations to him. Nope, I was not one of them. But, one of the presenter pitched his “Garlic pealing device”, another inventor pitched his coloring book and action figures, still another pitched his unique module temporay homes which he only had pictures, no models, prototype etc. He didn’t even have a manufacturer lined up. Can you believe that? I am moving forward with my product on my own with my own business consultant and have a very nice degree of success, no thanks to Launch Academy. | So I attended three days of a seminar that I really didn’t need and did not get to make a presentation to any investors. The speakers were very polished but we had to sit through some crap that had nothuing to do with making the right contacts to present your product nor was there much information on how to find the right financing or investors. This was a waste of my time and money. After coming home I called and expressed my dis-satisfaction and asked for a refund of $36,000. Guess what folks! I’m still waiting. They said they don’t have to refund anything since I signed a form that contained a three day recission period and I was beyond the three days. | Since coming back from the seminar I was contacted by several others whom I met at the seminar. They wanted to know if I liked the seminar. Duh, you know my feelings. And they all had similar feelings. We will be considering a class action suit very soon.


Name: Daymond John’s Launch Academy

Country: United States

State: Utah

City: Salt Lake

Address: 6465 South 3000 East Suite 201

Phone: 1-800-206-0429

Website: www.djlaunchacademy.com/