part 1 – introduction I had to attend a Funeral in chester, pa at the last minute on 9/17/2010. I booked my reservations on through priceline on 9/16/2010 to travel 6 hours to chester which is located 15 minutes south of philadelphia pa. I had a total of 5 people in my party but only 4 of us was going to be staying in chester that week the other person was going back after the home funeral. Upon arriving at the hotel at 7am I went inside and asked the gentleman at the front desk what time was the ealiest I could check in. He stated to me “1pm but sometimes we will let you check in at 12″”. This was great for me since the funeral was at 11:00

and I could check in after it was over. Part 2 -arrival Upon check in there was no one at the front desk. I rang the bell for service and a different guy approached me. I then told hiim that I had a reservation in my name I booked on line. While he decided to answer the telphone and book someone on the phone

I stood with my reservation cofirmation I printed off from home patiently waiting. Finally after 10 minutes he asked for my ID and my credit card (not my confirmation information). He brought me back a print off and asked how many people were with me (since he could see the other 5 people with me). I told him 4. He then looked at me and said I’m going to have to charge you 40 extra dollars because your reservation is for 2 people. I did not pay the 40 dollars because I told him only 2 people were going to stay and asked if they could come upstairs to change clothes. He told me yes. Part 3 – the house keeper Upon going upstairs to check in

the lady that does house keeping stared as we went to our rooms on the 7th floor. She acted as if she was placing her key in a room directly across from the elevator and kept looking back. We then got changed and all 5 of us left to go visiting. This was around 3 oclock on friday. (this is important also) Part 4- the end of day 1 friday night Around 11:30pm or 12 midnite I then dropped 3 people off at the room (did not go inside the building) while I went back to a relative of mine to stay for the night. The other person that was going to go back home after the funeral check into a room that night at 6am and stayed until checkout at 12noon on saturday. They charged that person 60 dollars for 6 hours which is not even a problem or issue. (This is important information later though). Part 5 – the incident Saturday morning I come back to the hotel at 11:30 am on Saturday morning with a relative of mine to give the others a ride. (remember I have not been therea t the hotel since 3:30pm friday afternoon) I then saw the person in my party that was checking out that saturday morning (the person from part 4). We were talking and telling him to have a safe trip back. He then proceded to go out the door and my other relative and I was heading to the elevators. The guy that checked me in was at the front desk and asked me was I staying another night. I then got confused and said what do you mean

I have already reserved my room until Sunday. He then shouted