Complaint: I had a transmission installed by Dayton Andrews Chrysler at the cost of corporate Chrysler. I was given a written warranty of 36 months/36,000 miles on the unit (parts). When the transmission began showing signs of problems a year or more ago, Dayton Andrews told me nothing was wrong with the transmission. This occurred more than once. Recently the transmission began to shift more badly than before. I took it back to them hoping that they could actually find the problem. When they did find the problem and informed me that I needed a new transmission I stated to them that it was still under warranty. According to them it was not under any warranty. That since corporate Chrysler paid to replace the transmission (goodwill gesture to me) they do not put a warranty on it. It was stated by them that since I did not pay for the repairs and parts I am not entitled to a warranty even if they gave me a warranty in writing. According to Daimler-Chrysler since they paid for the parts and service I am not entitled to any warranty. I contend that if this were the case I should have never been told or given in writing that I am getting a warranty and SHOULD have been informed that if I wanted a warranty then I would have to pay for the parts and service. This never occurred and quite the opposite did occur. My wife and I were told before, during and after the transmission replacement that we were getting a 36 month/36,000 mile warranty and we were given this in writing. Dayton Andrews Chrysler made a mistake, which they admit to in letters that they sent to the Better Business Bureau, and they should take action to correct the discrepancy. I had even attempted to work out a deal with Albert Andrews, Dayton Andrews general manager, so that neither of us would be stuck with the short end of the stick. Mr. Andrews was unwilling to work out a deal. Here is an excerpt from a Dayton Andrews’ advertisement mailed to previous customers of theirs: We are committed to providing our customers with courteous, friendly and competent service. We want to help ensure the most satisfying service and buying experience possible. Our dedication to our customers comes from a long standing commitment to do the right thing So this is where I stand: Dayton Andrews, Inc. gave me a warranty in writing (that they had no right to give me according to Daimler-Chrysler). I was never given the opportunity to pay for the parts/service to ensure I truely had such warranty. Now that I need a new transmission Dayton Andrews is washing their hands of their mistake and leaving me out in the cold. Bad business practices of a particular business needs to be made public record so that other consumers are not taken advantage of in the future. William Clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.

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