We are a manufacturing business in Englewood, Ohio and received a phone call late Monday on 3/5/2018, telling us an electrician from Dayton Power and Light was coming in 45 minutes to disconnect our electric service for nonpayment of our utility bill. We were given a phone number to call to straighten out the problem and we were told to go to Rite Aid to purchase (4) Kilowatt Service Payment Cards of $500 each and then call back to give them the serial numbers. We were also told they had to be paid for in cash, no check or credit card permitted. We had to go to our bank, take out the cash and then go to Rite Aid to purchase the cards. However, the clerk at Rite Aid cut us off and told us this was a scam and that it had happened to others. She saved our bacon! We had two additional phone calls after that time from this "person", trying to collect the monies but we did not let on to him that we learned this was fraud. PLEASE do not fall for this! We cannot believe that we were almost a victim as well and the clerk at Rite Aid told us that DP&L is being slammed with phone calls from people demanding their money back for the prepaid cards. However, they can only be used to pay on this type of utility and once they are bought, the money is gone. Please Beware!!