On 7/29/ 2016 we hauled a load for Chris Purdy and DCI Transportation which was acting as a broker on the shipment. The agreed upon rate was $900 and we received a rate confirmation to this effect. We performed the load flawlessly delivering it on 8/01/2016. | We even provided a copy of the signed BOL on 8/01/2016 at 12:19 via email to [email protected] so that they could bill the load immediately. | On 9/26/2016 we sent emails to DCI requesting payment iinformation. | On 9/27/2016 after receiving no response, we sent another email but to Bamworldwide (They were very willing but unable to help) | Bam said that the load was not initionally submitted throught them but that it had recently been submitted. (Remember, we submitted this to BAM directly on 8/01/2016. They offered to pay us when they received payment. | We contacted the responsible party on this shipment who claimed that DCI had not been paid but that they noticed the submission and that they’d hold the payment, confirrm our non payment and pay us our portion. | (They later stated that this wwas a double bill and that no additional monies were owed to DCI) | On 10/11/2016 we called DCI but all extentions and options lead to mailboxes that are full and not accepting new messages. | Called Chris on his cell phone (surprise) and he offered to call back with more information. Surprisingly, Chris DID call back stating that DCI had mistakengly paid the wrong carrier for our shipment. I insisted that this was not our fault, issue and that we be pauid immediately. He said that he’d look into it. | That was on 11/17/2016 and there has been no update. Inaddition to a small claims filing on the consignee (the responsible party) we are also informing all of you so that you can make an informed decision on this company and its owner.


Name: DCI Transport

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Cumming

Address: 2635 Northgate Ave. STE. A

Phone: (678)-456-4410

Website: dcitransport.com/