I received a phone call from Jessie Anderson who was with "DCID" legal. She said I took out a loan with Quick Cash and did not repay it, and they have sent out information by mail but got no response from me. She asked me to confirm my social security number–she in fact already had my full social security number, date of birth, address, employer information, all my property addresses, and vehicles owned in the past. I was told if I didn’t take care of the balance today of $1,938 she would sign the pending judgment, which would be presented to me at my place of employment and wages would be garnished. When I questioned her about the details and asked for copies of paperwork she refused to give me anything and would follow up with another question confirming my personal information that she already knew. I asked for her company address, which she refused to give. She wouldn’t take any payments by mail, it had to be done over the phone today.